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My role as a citizen of Earth

I, An Earthling

Earth. Our planet. Our home. Let me reiterate. Earth. My planet. My home. There are things when looked from a different perspective become different altogether. The reason why I changed ‘our’ to ‘my’ is because unless we change our perception towards the problems that plague planet earth from looking at them collectively to actually feeling them inside (within ourselves), we shall never be able to truly do anything tangible about them. So once again I say, unless I take the onus of being an earthling true to the sense of its meaning I shall hardly be able to make any difference to my planet at all.
Now what differences am I talking about making here. It’s simple really. Innumerable issues infesting Earth need immediate amendments. From sustainable development and climate change(read global warming) to transnational organised crime, from global convergence of the IT sector to the pervasive rich-poor gap, from status of women to democratization, from clean water to education, from plea for peace and dodging conflict to increasing population and scarcity of resources, from global health issues to science and technology, from energy to pollution, from global foresight and decision making to anti-fur movements and much needed animal cruelty sensationalization, from everything that matters to everything you think does not just because it’s happening a thousand miles away from your cosy home; we need to tackle them all ! And together we can, if and only if each one of us does our own bit.
So here I am, typing away what I think and strongly feel is my role as a citizen of earth. A role each one of us has been assigned as naturally as the impeccable order of the universe.
I shall wake up early and sleep on time. In between, I shall survive on a diet of good food and love. Love, that I’ll receive from helping my fellow earthlings – humans and animals alike. Not to mention the respect I shall garner for my mother (read Earth) while I bask in her unconditional love. (“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” –The Prophet.)
The term, ‘earthling’ has been used intentionally because there is no sexism, no racism or speciesism in this word. It encompasses each and every one of us, warm or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrae or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish and of course human. Humans along with a million other living creatures evolved in this planet together and thus the ownership of this sphere needs to be communal.
I will try and develop through my thoughts, words and actions, a subconscious correlation between nature, animals and human economic interests. Once established firmly in my own mind as naturally as I breathe in air, shall I tread ahead to transfer the same concern to individuals around me, one at a time or multitudes at once, keeping the resolve alive and at the centre. The resolve to do what is right and stand by the truth all the time, especially when others around me find it unfit and unsettling.
I shall not waste but conserve. I shall not pollute but clean. I shall not destroy but grow. I shall do my best to live a life devoid of extremities and learn to be content in moderation. I shall take upon this task to observe and understand the pain-points of my planet and toil hard to invent or help my fellow brothers and sisters create and implement solutions to myriad teething troubles surrounding Earth. I shall not be a liability but an asset to my mother. I shall redirect my vigour to simplicity so I can practice what I preach. I shall no more just acknowledge the fact that using exhaustible resources is virtually criminal but actually do something about it by trying, testing and implementing solar, wind and hydro energy in my daily life.
Furthermore, I shall not wait for tomorrow to bring about a change to my planet but do what I have to, today itself because the most precious of resources that I have at hand is time and same goes for you, dear Earthling.