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a bit about ingenuity

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As weird and wonderful it may seem, creativity meets no bounds. It may start off as suddenly as the rain in Nainital, or more so, as impulsively as the red light clogs traffic at a stretch on delhi roads; a second early and you could have avoided it! Nevertheless creativity is in one word gratifying, you may disagree but then again, some say it can’t be described in one word. Rewarding, fulfilling, enchanting, pleasing… a few adjectives that endeavor to explain the exquisite phenomenon although curtailed it may be. As far as I’m concerned, ingenuity is the void that we exist in…ceaselessly imparting a fantasy to the human mind in order to stay in synchronization with the universe.


Sometimes… it so happens that you’re out, walking on the sidewalk , all alone, thinking about someone when out of nowhere that person shows up or maybe calls you on your cell-phone or maybe you see her name etched discreetly on an old tree. You may feel it is coincidence but what if there is no such thing as coincidence? What if it was meant to be? What if it was inevitable? Who knows…its not for you to decide or then again, what if it is? For what I think, everything happens for a reason and finding that reason is up to you.

Now… if you might have noticed, had you been reading carefully, how easily the theory of coincidence found its way into the theme dedicated to creativity ;this itself speaks about the genius of the latter. Its all a propos the blast of emotions and feelings inside the mind of the writer, being unified into a supernova of sheer beauty that at length ends as expressions on a piece of paper. A sensation of chaste fulfilment takes over, releasing the writer of any edginess that exists within.


Oh! Be blessed you mortal, for being blessed with ingenuity!!!


Thank you so much


Author: gauravnayal

I am what I write. I write what I am.

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